WISH FORMULA I'm Pro Ampoule Pad - Vitamin C

WISH FORMULA I'm Pro Ampoule Pad - Vitamin C

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Shine bright like a diamond! Looking for healthier, brighter, glowier skin in just a minute? 

Why we love it:

This serum drenched ampoule pad uses a 10% concentration of enriched pure Vitamin C to exfoliate and brighten skin, while the formula's special plant ferment extracts soothe skin and promote cell regeneration.

This one-of-a-kind product achieves the same result as a 20 minute sheet mask in a fraction of the time! Travel-friendly and great for those lazy nights, add this next-level treatment to your skincare routine and wake up with seriously glowing skin!

Recommended skin types:
Ideal for Dull, Lackluster skin. Not appropriate for those with Sensitive and/or Dry Skin or those who experience sensitivity to Vitamin C.


Product contains peanut oil!


Size: 7 ml 

How to use:

(1) After cleansing, slide fingers into the mitt and softly swipe and press over and into skin with a circular outwards motion, starting from the center of the face.

(2) For neck application, begin at the collarbone and move upwards towards jaw.

(3) Pat in excess essence for maximum absorption and results. Follow with moisturizer.